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Sonosthesia aims to promote the development of immersive digital art. It is a platform for exchanging ideas, hosting tools and projects and fostering collaborations, in particular focusing around the idea of immersive sound worlds in virtual and augmented reality.

Short Presentation (23m)

Long Presentation (1h07m)

Connect Software and Build Bridges

Sonosthesia uses a powerful language to create intuitive cross-domain control flows between virtual reality engines, visual programming environments, digital audio workstations and creative deep neural networks. Through this a symbiosis of living sound, visuals, physics and haptics emerges, resulting in truly immersive performance environments.

Connect software on your local network through the Sonosthesia hub, and easily connect hubs together across the internet for distant collaboration using open standards like WebRTC.

We aim to allow diverse tech-artists to join a collaborative, interactive software eco-system by augmenting their existing work environment through plugins, scripts and hacks. Breath new life into your art with endless combinations. Together we are stronger. Come join the fun.

Perform in Virtual Reality

Replace or complement musical performance setups with immersive interfaces which allow users to interact with real world objects by grabbing, throwing, tapping, scraping, pinching, plucking, strumming and so much more. Sonosthesia aims to reproduce these interactions in VR and AR, taking advantage of new input devices and powerful game engines.

Using high level interaction descriptors you can control anything on your local network which can be made to understand Sonosthesia's simple yet powerful protocol. From Max/MSP and SuperCollider to Logic Pro and Ableton Live.

Bring the audience into the virtual performance environment so that they can experience it first hand. They can even interact with the environment themselves. Your audience will no longer be passive observers but participants who can breath life into your art.